• John F @JohnF23 Rainham updated 9 months ago
    Tried to use Paypal twice this evening and both times there were issues. Tried to pay for an Uber eats delivery and I could put in my email but not the password. Then tried to use it to buy my sisters belated Christmas present from The Range. Paypal sent me a text code as if I was starting a new account, then said "sorry this email already has an account". Then it wouldn't let me login again. Something definitely not right with Paypal.
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  • John F @JohnF23 Rainham updated 9 months ago
    For the last 2 days had no notifications except for "My poor dog" in Dog Lovers.
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  • John F @JohnF23 Rainham updated 10 months ago
    Few days ago I noticed a small lump on the outside of my dogs knee. It didn't appear to cause any distress when I touched it, but I arranged a vet visit anyway. The vet said it could be a tumour or it just a harmless growth. She cut off the external growth for biopsy. She said if it does turn out to be a tumour there are two options. 1. A kind of syringe treatment to clean it out, but that does have a danger of spreading the tumour. 2. An operation under general anaesthetic to cut out the infected area. She gave me an extimate for the operation - £600 Already paid £40 for the consultation. Anyway, Vet called a few hours later to say it is a tumour and really needs to come out. I've got my mum to call the PDSA to see if they can do it for a lower cost.
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  • John F @JohnF23 : was asked this question: What's your favourite restaurant in this area? The answer was: Pad Thai Live

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