• Stuart H @FriendlyAcct Woodside Park - 7mo
    Welcome news, HMRC have extended the tax return filing deadline to 28/2/22. However, given what a difficult year it has been, they probably could have announced it earlier. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/hmrc-gives-self-assessment-taxpayers-more-time-to-ease-covid-19-pressures
  • Stuart H @FriendlyAcct Woodside Park - 7mo
    Chelsea's new striker, Tottenham Hotspur, scored a couple of cracking goals last night 😉 PS Don't forget to submit your tax return by 31/1/22.
  • Stuart H @FriendlyAcct Woodside Park - 8mo
    I was lucky enough to attend a Q&A session by Lord Blunkett this week. He spoke with authority and common sense about matters affecting small businesses : https://youtu.be/8uldBNBccnc
  • Stuart H @FriendlyAcct Woodside Park - 11mo
    I was lucky enough to attend the Leaders Council Gala this week at Mansion House. It was attended by some marvellous and inspirational people (including Lord Blunkett) - all working hard to help the country to recover from the pandemic.

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