• Deaba @Deaba Battersea - 5mo
    There is nothing like a Good Dance to heal thyself. Dance and Music are the only languages everybody knows. Join us on the 19th at the Disco Dance Club. For details please visit www.discodanceclub.co.uk
  • Deaba @Deaba Battersea - 6mo
    The Disco Dance Club. Join the Love Train on the 19th February There will be prices for the best dressed 70s and 80s outfits. Free raffle tickets if you book by the 11th February. Delicious bites will also be available to savour. To book visit www.discodanceclub.co,uk
  • Deaba @Deaba Battersea - updated 6mo
    Disco Dance Club. Join the LOVE TRAIN on the 19th February. Only 40 places. And if you miss it....... Visit www.discodanceclub.co.uk and book.
  • Deaba @Deaba Battersea - updated 7mo
    The Disco Dance Club. Happy New Year All Ye Dance Lovers. It is 2022. Let's Face the Music and Dance! Let's Face the Brave World and Dance. Come and Dance away your blues. Dancing heals. Let's start living again. The next Disco Dance Club event is on the 15th January. We will be following strict government guidelines - fear not. Visit www.discodanceclub.co.uk for details and to book.
  • Deaba @Deaba Battersea - 7mo
    Bar Person Wanted. I am looking for a person to serve at the bar at my monthly Disco Dance Club in Battersea. The person must be reliable, efficient and willing to work in a team. Contact me at deaba@discodanceclub.co.uk
  • Deaba @Deaba Battersea - 8mo
    The next Disco Dance Club night is on the 18th December. To book visit www.discodanceclub.co.uk Boogie till you just cannot boogie no more. We grow old when we stop playing.
  • Deaba @Deaba Battersea - updated 9mo
    Come and dance away your blues and release your energies. There is still life in there yet. Shake back your energies. Join the Disco Dance Club. To register and book visit: www.discodanceclub.co.uk
  • Deaba @Deaba Battersea - updated 8mo
    If you are 40+ and would love to dance to disco music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s disco music every month please visit www.discodanceclub.co.uk and join the club. 'We will boogie till we can boogie no more' - remember A Taste of Honey?

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