• 'A unique collaboration between London Wildlife Trust’s Walthamstow Wetlands and The William Morris Gallery, bringing the magic of Tove Jansson’s island to the Walthamstow Wetlands in London. Beloved by children and adults alike, Tove is best known for her most famous creations, The Moomins. ' You can book your tickets here: https://william-morris-gallery.arttickets.org.uk/william-morris-gallery/2021-06-15-the-woman-who-fell-in-love-with-an-island
  • Claire @Claire4 Walthamstow updated 3 months ago
    In the eternal hope that we can travel again this summer, we are looking for a family hotel / villa which has a water sports centre attached to it, so the kids can sail/waterski etc. Ideally in Greece, but we would consider all other options. Thank you in advance
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  • Would anyone be able to suggest any suitable local venues for an 10 birthday hire for around 30 children? Any ideas or other suggestions very welcome! Thank you
  • What do you watch on netflix? Could you recommend any good show to watch? Preferably something light, so I wouldn't need to be 100% focused (I like watching during my houseworks;))
  • Link UP London are running their online RELAUNCH Course for women on a career break starting on the 6th of October 2020. The ReLaunch course is delivered via 6 weekly online group sessions on Tuesday mornings, and includes a one-to-one session, which fit well into women's busy lives. Led by their experienced ReLaunch coach, with a small group of women in a supportive, confidential environment, the ReLaunch course will help you to: understand the value of your strengths gain clarity about your values and what is important to you identify an energizing, achievable goal which is right for you provides peer support which will build your confidence move out of your comfort zone, and create an action plan to help you achieve your goal We’ve had really great feedback about ReLaunch: 97% of ReLaunch participants reported that ReLaunch helped them to understand the value of their strengths 97% of participants reported that, as a result of participating in ReLaunch, they felt motivated and supported to take their next steps after a career break. For more information, or to book your spot for our October ReLaunch course, get in touch with ReLaunch programme coordinator Heather: relaunch@linkuplondon.org Visit: https://linkuplondon.org/relaunch-online Follow us on Instagram: @relaunch_linkuplondon “ReLaunch has given me the confidence to believe that I can achieve my dreams and make a difference – despite being out of the paid workforce for years!”
  • Mail Rail at The Postal Museum Booking required £55 per person For ages 12+ only Get exclusive access to Mail Rail’s tunnels, tracks and platforms whilst The Postal Museum is closed to the general public, exploring parts of the railway that aren’t accessible on the Mail Rail ride. We’re opening up the 100-year-old Mail Rail tunnels for exclusive underground walks that will allow you to discover one of London’s best-kept secrets. Expert guides will tell the surprising stories about the staff who built, operated and maintained the underground railway over the course of 100 years – from its construction in the early 1900s, through the heyday in the middle of the century, to the eventual closure in 2003. London Postal Museum’s underground walks have already sold out for September and October. Sign up to the Postal Museum’s newsletter to be the first to hear when November and December tickets go on sale. Book and view safety and access information here: https://www.postalmuseum.org/event/tunnel-walks/

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