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    This is a delicious recipe I have used several times, courtesy of 'The Best Ever Baking' book, by Carole Clements. It is a great way to use up a surplus of plums from your garden (or if they are sometimes reduced in the supermarket, because they are overripe)! It could also be adapted for any other stoned fruit. I've used a mixture of various leftover fruits in my fridge. Serve with cream, ice cream or custard (or all three) slurp! Serves 8-10: 5oz (140g) butter or margarine, at room temperature (do not be tempted to use a fake spread - it has to be a proper fat) 5oz (140) caster sugar 4 eggs, at room temperature (I've used both medium and large - both turn out well) 1 and a half (1.5) tsp vanilla extract (not essence - that is yucky) 5oz (140g) plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 and a half lbs (700g plums, halved and stoned (no need to remove skin) For the topping: 4oz (115g) plain flour 4 and a half oz (130g light brown sugar) 1 and a half tsp ground cinnamon 3oz (85g) butter, cut into pieces. 1. Preheat oven to 350 deg F/180 deg C/ Gas 4 2. For the topping, combine the flour, light brown sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. Add the butter and work the mixture lightly with your fingertips until it resembles coarse breadcrumbs. (Or, like me, throw it all into a food processor, if you have one). Set aside. 3. Line a 10x2in (25x5cm) tin with greaseproof paper and grease. 4. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. 5. Beat in the eggs, one at a time. Stir in the vanilla. 6. In a bowl, sift together the flour and baking powder, then fold into the butter mixture in three batches (I have to say - I've never bothered with the sifting and folding; I just throw it all in together and mix it up). 7. Pour the mixture into the tin. Arrange the plums (or whatever) on top. 8. Sprinkle the topping over the fruit in an even layer. 9. Bake until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean (about 45 minutes). Remove from oven and allow to cool in the tin. 10. To serve, run a knife around the inside edge and invert onto a plate. Invert again onto a serving plate so the topping is right-side up.
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    These are bags used to put your clothing in before placing in the washing machine. They help to reduce microfibres from our clothing from being released into our waterways. They usually retail at around £25, but I bought one in Waitrose the other day, reduced to £12.99. (Just in case anyone is interested in trying one).
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    More wildlife has been spotted in our area since lockdown. So many local residents have reported sightings of badgers and deer, for instance. This is a refreshing slant on the misery of lockdown.
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  • Posting here from All Aboard (with the permission of original poster, Lesley A): apple.news/AfPuIUsdDSbyakJg3LL9tvQ https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/shopping/tesco-waitrose-morrisons-boots-issue-19718699
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    https://www.oddbox.co.uk/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyqOGi4G87gIVx7LVCh1OCwNtEAAYASAAEgJ4SPD_BwE Has anyone heard of this scheme, and/or tried it out? Sounds interesting.
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  • Haven't seen you post for over a month - do hope you're safe and well.
  • This is a good crowd-pleaser, on chilly days: (Courtesy of Keith Floyd) LA MANCHA STEW Estofado a la Patatas (Beef and Potato Hotpot) Ingredients: 6 tbsp Olive oil 2 lb Stewing beef (or pork, or veal), cut into large chunks 1/2 pt Beef stock 2 med Onions, sliced 1 Red pepper; cored, seeded and chopped 1 Green pepper; cored, seeded and chopped 4 Tomatoes; skinned and chopped 4 Cloves of garlic; finely chopped 2 tbsp Paprika (preferably sweet) 2 lb Potatoes, cut into large chunks 2 Wineglasses dry white wine 1 large Pinch of saffron threads Salt and freshly ground black pepper Heat half the oil in a large, flameproof cooking pot. Add the meat and keep the heat on high while you brown it well. Pour in the beef stock and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat, cover and cook until the meat is tender about an hour and a half. Meanwhile, start to cook the other ingredients. Heat the rest of the oil in a large saucepan and add the onions with the peppers (I add more peppers than the recipe suggests, as we like it that way), tomatoes, garlic and paprika. Saute them together for a few moments, then leave them to sweat for at least 30 minutes or so. Then add this sauce to the meat, pop in the potatoes, wine and saffron and simmer for about 15-20 minutes, until all are tender. If necessary, add a drop more beef stock if the dish looks too dry. Serve with fresh crusty bread to mop up the juices. This is popular in our house (even though my adult children profess not to like stews or casseroles)!
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    This is rearing it's ugly head again, I'm afraid. I received a notification on Friday evening (via email) that I was being followed by someone on here, with whom I have had very little contact/verbal exchange. We only mutually belong to Scoop's own Groups (ie, this one and your Tech Support) therefore, do not understand why he finds my meagre contributions so interesting. I managed to temporarily get rid of my follower (I don't like followers, find them creepy and stalker-ish). But within the hour, he had tried to follow me again, when I find no reason for him to have done so. I have now blocked him completely. This should not be necessary. Could you please stop the 'Following Option' - it can be really intimidating. I think if someone wishes to 'Follow' someone, they need to ask permission first. Thanks
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