• HI - very nice new initiative is going to take place tommorow - The Great Bike Initiative. If you've got any unwanted bikes, bring them along to Holy Trinity Clapham on Clapham Common Northside SW4 0QZ on Saturday Oct 2nd 9am - 12 noon. There will be coffee, much gratitude, and the bikes will be refurbished by ex-offenders and then sold - helping them to get away from their past lives and old ways. They'll leave prison Cytec qualified, to a full time job in the bike industry, and with pastoral support for as long as they need it. Everyone is welcome! (Flyer attached)
  • A food festival is coming to Tooting next weekend that celebrates all things locally grown. Foodival is returning on Saturday, 4th September to spotlight sustainable produce in Wandsworth. You can find out more about the event here: http://tootingfoodival.blogspot.com/
  • Only few tickets left - you can book here - https://www.bachtobaby.com/balham-music-concerts-for-baby-and-family
  • Barbara @Barbara3 Balham updated 5 months ago
    Saw this article earlier & thought it was worth a share. Will be looking out for some of these on my next walk out https://www.mylondon.news/news/zone-1-news/rude-street-names-in-london-18322076
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  • If you can share any items from the list - please bring any donations to the Holy Spirit Church on Narbonne Avenue on Saturday 22 of May between 10-14.

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