• Angela G @AngelaG Romford - updated 3d
    Reason its off topic, can someone explain what that means when I wanted to create a post, is this the norm
  • Angela G @AngelaG Romford - updated 23d
    A case of Monkey Pox has been found in Braintree Essex, yet another disease that started in Africa !!!
  • Angela G @AngelaG Romford - updated 29d
    This photo says it all. This group informs and is very interesting, full of facts and not biased political leftist rankings. I for one am very disappointed that we have lost Boris as a leader. Look at the positive things he achieved Got us through Brexit The Vaccination Program Is a very respected world leader And many more. In his personal life, during his term as PM, he nearly died from COVID, his Mother died The negative thing was that he lied about a meeting and having a works drink, incidentally so did Rayner and Starmer.
  • Angela G @AngelaG Romford - updated 1mo
    That’s it, can anyone tell me how I stop getting Scooploop notifications. It is too depressing, political, miserable and not helpful. All the people that used to post on here with helpful information support, good news and recommendations etc have left. Except for Boots. Incidentally I muted Alan F a very long time ago after he unfairly insulted me. So Sylvia you can continue to post your one sided rants, I for one do not have to read them.

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