• Angela G @AngelaG Romford updated 5 months ago
    I have not had one comment when I asked for advice about Estate Agents and selling a house. These threads seemed to have changed, why is everything entitled ‘Anything’
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  • Hi can anyone help with advice. I want to sell my house. I had four Estate Agents round and then Purple Bricks. The four all came up with the same valuation. Purple Bricks valuation was about £30,000 less. It did make me think that because they have a set price they would not chase for the highest sale price. Purple Bricks charge £1500 London price and if you use their Solicitor you don’t have to pay for ten months. The total with the Solicitors fees came to less than the lowest Estate Agents commission. So the decision is whether to go with an Estate Agent and pay the commission or go with Purple Bricks who I do feel do not have such a personal touch as one of the agents. Also does anyone know of a good Conveyancing Solicitor.
  • Angela G @AngelaG Romford updated 8 months ago
    I would like to buy a fitness tracker watch from Argos, ( I have some e vouchers to use) I am a techno phobe, I need one that I can easily set up. I have an I phone 11. I thought of the Fitbit , Samsung or Garmin but I thought up to£50 in case the novelty wears off, any ideas please
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