• Abi @Abi Enfield updated 9 days ago
    Me and my family are having the debate that I am sure many families are having just now about holidays. My wife is not really in favour - she thinks that traveling now is too stressful and not safe at all. I would like just to find some nice travel direction, pack my suitcase and go. Is she right and I am being a bit blind about the risks right now? I would love to know what people are thinking about holidays at the moment.
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  • Abi @Abi Enfield updated 5 months ago
    Have you watched anything from this list? Can you recommend something? https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20210128-ten-films-to-watch-in-february
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  • Abi @Abi Enfield updated 6 months ago
    Where do you plan to go first after lockdown? Maybe you have some nice places you can recommend for March-April?
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