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  • Your Prediction for 2021

    Joss @Joss Old Malden updated 25 days ago

    Personal, local, national, international, serious, funny...please let's hear from SLoopers.

    The Predictions Committee will be awarding points out of ten for entries, and can predict with 100% accuracy that points do not mean prizes!

    • I am looking forward to my new life with charitytester, as soon as I can book a flight. It was love ..

    • I predict that Alan F and I will disagree.

    • @Jo... Committee in session. Can you advise who is charitytester, and where you will fly to please?

    • @Ra......that's not a prediction in the view of the Committee.

    • @Ro... your prediction that some other Sloopers and yourself will disagree is a given, however the Co..

    • Donald Trump will be investigated for tax fraud, and despite issuing a Presidential pardon to himsel..

    • Boris Johnson and his cohorts will go to prison for mass murder and corruption, and Brexit will be s..

    • @Jo... She is one of the spammers, and lives in Winter Haven in the USA.

    • I predict Harry and Meghan will continue to court publicity, Katie Price will get married, pregnant ..

    • @Jo... Tx for pointing out the spam scam of charitytester, and 6 points are yours, Redemption shop ..

    • @Al.... Sadly no room in prison for Boris and Old Etonians, as Vladimir, Donald, Kim, Saudi Royal Fa..

    • @Ra... There's been a VAR replay, and you can "Pass Go" and collect 4 points.

    • @Da... AMAZING.!!Correct in every detail. 11 points out of 10Rupert Murdoch will be in touch shortly

    • @Jo... thank you, I looked into the crystal ball (upturned gold fish bowl) read the tea leaves (coffe..

    • Mystic Meg rides again!

    • @Se... Mystic Meg's horses!Another massive 11 pointer, and obviously you are in touch with M Meg.....

    • My predictions: Donald will escape going to prison (with a plea of dementia), his wife will leave hi..

    • @Le... Apart from the weather, I think you're spot on. The snow in June (certainly on the south co..

    • If one is allowed a second prediction, then I predict that having regained our sovereignty, we will ..

    • Donald Trump will somehow survive, start a new party (70 million voted for him) , there will be a ne..

    • @Le.... !2 predictions, all very good EXCEPT people will go mad when lockdown finishes, as many ar..

    • @An... Good news, T'committee loved your entry, and can assure you that you are locked into Groundho..

    • Trump will have a miraculous recovery from dementia (remember Ernest Saunders?) and support Donald J..

    • @Te... Committee have to be careful in their judgement here. [ libel laws ]But someone twittering a..

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