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  • Why am I not surprised? One dose vaccination strategy in doubt

    Hatty H @Hat Woodford updated 1 month ago

    As soon as the delay of second doses was announced, I was instantly suspicious that it was more of a political decision, a panic reaction - than a carefully considered medical strategy.

    Of course, here in the UK we're high up in the race to get our population vaccinated, or that's what it looks like. Still, we're an experiment (lab rats?) with the rest of the world watching.

    Will it work or won't it? Will the 'vaccinated' - half-vaccinated with a single dose, feel 'safe', believe the problem's solved and abandon social distancing, masks and hand washing? Will they mix with friends and family? Will they catch Covid? What are the outcomes for the 'first dose only' victims?

    A report from Israel -where they follow Pfizer/BioNtech protocol in giving the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine three weeks after the first:

    • I have just read a report on Firefox news about an 84 year old who had the 1st jab of the vaccine bu..

    • @Bo..., so sad (I've copied this over from 'Covid News' - as I noticed it only has 13 members!)

    • @Ha... i copied my reply too

    • There was a case on BBC TV this morning where a lady and her daughter were diagnosed and hospitalise..

    • I agree that changing the time space between vaccinations doesn't fill me with confidence, particula..

    • @Li... Yes, to be clear, I'm all in favour of having the vaccine, just a little alarmed by the uncer..

    • I only know of two people who had already their second vaccination. Maybe it depends what surgery on..

    • I now know of several people who have had their second dose and several others that have dates for t..

    • My friend had both her jabs in 3 weeks, said the only affect was a slight headache the next day

    • @Bo... I understand that’s usually the worst. There are always people who want to scaremonger, makin..

    • Only person I know personally who's had it hasn't had any side effects. Someone else I know is getti..

    • There was on lady I heard on the radio who said she started to have palpitations and she was told th..

    • It's amazing what mental stress can do to the body

    • I've had my first jab this morning, very well organised in Orpington, in and out in 35mins which inc..

    • @Ve... my Father had his second dose and my neighbours who had their vaccines last week were given c..

    • All of my friends and relatives that work on the front line have received the vaccine. So it’s not j..

    • My husband had the first vaccination on dec 31st but the on line link (from a trust, not our surgery..

    • All positive then, good.

    • DR Hilary said on this morning don't go out after the first jab, wait till you have the second. You ..

    • @Ma... So if they don't do them for 12 weeks nothing changes

    • My brother had his first jab and was told he was fine the second one was just a booster. He had his ..

    • I think they say some immunity after 10 -14 days (depends on which article you read)

    • No . You can still get it untill you have the second one. That's what the doc said. Why are they giv..

    • My friend in Kingston has had both jabs recently, she is over 80 but won’t admit it 😁

    • From the NHS website...........Will the vaccine protect you?

      The COVID-19 vaccine that you have had ..

    • I don't know if anyone has heard this but drinking alcohol two days before the vaccine and up to two..

    • I was told it is 2 days before and 2 days after, no G & T or for me today or tomorrow

    • I do wonder how Scientists in Israel have been able to obtain data from 200,000 Pfizer vaccinated pe..

    • Wife and I had the Pfizer vaccination today, very slick and upbeat people administering it, no side ..

    • @Ja... I very very rarely drink but had a Christmas Bailey's that evening and next day. Only drinki..

    • @Ra... - or use most, they usually ask. Took a few hours for mine to start aching though, took a pa..

    • @Ra... I sleep on either side or my back, so best on left as I’m right handed.

    • @An... My Dad wasn’t given a choice as his was done in a drive through. So it was the arm nearest th..

    • @Ch... Just be thankful it's not the right or left cheek 😂

    • @An... basically what he said 😂

    • @Ve... Who told you?. I heard about vaccine and alcohol on TV. It was on something recorded.

    • @Ja... Depends on who you watch on TV, I saw a lady expert asked on the Rip Off Britain programme y..

    • They used to say that about antibiotics but don't anymore

    • @Ve... I also heard to avoid alcohol for two days before - and two weeks afterwards, to maximise pro..

    • I'm not much of a drinker and doesn't really worry me.This is another case of conflicting informatio..

    • First I've heard of anything to do with alcohol - I'm sure I can't be the only one - how ridiculous.

    • @Ve... It must be safest to avoid it - although not everyone can or will. It probably depends mostly..

    • @Se... I don't think it's ridiculous at all. It's well known that alcohol suppresses the immune sys..

    • I don’t really drink except a glass of fizz at a wedding or New Year but found this in the New Scien..

    • @Ha... - not to me it isn't! I've just Goggled it (before Anna put up the same article) and several pi..

    • I doubt that heavy drinkers will take any notice anyway. I have a relative who just loves her wine a..

    • As I said before 'conflicting information' as we are seeing with the virus information all the time...

    • @Ve... Yes, as always, conflicting information - and we really don't know enough yet, so can only pr..

    • Good info Hatty @Ha.... It is so true "We have to be very wary of applying normal logic to an abnormal..

    • @Ve... I've noticed lately that one friend (who is having a really hard time with lockdown and is un..

    • The programme that mentioned alcohol was Panaroma.

    • @Ja... I had the vaccine today at the old Victoria Hospital in Pettis Lane and asked about alcohol...

    • @Al... How did you get it so soon ?

    • @Al... I hope I get soldier!

    • Hi Boots. I got a phone call from my GP this morning asking me if I wanted it today. As I have no he..

    • @Al... you were lucky there,Is it 12 weeks until the next one ?

    • @Al... Actually agree with you there!

    • Hi All, I had my first jab on the 23 Dec as I am 86 and when I went for my second that was booked fo..

    • @Bo... I was told up to 12 weeks but could be earlier when I had mine yesterday.

    • When a neighbour booked her injection at Guy's this week, she was also given an appointment for 12 ..

    • @Be... don't worry as you'll be in their system for your second jab invitation. I'm just naturally..

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