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  • Kirsty @Kirsty Norbury updated 1 year ago

    which doll to choose

    Hello Mommies!

    My three year old daughter would like a doll for birthday (she's interested only in the plastic variety). To be honest a lot of them freak me out so I was hoping she would not go down that route but she is definitely very keen. Lots of reviews I have read ae pretty negative. Can anyone recommend a sweet looking doll which doesn't have too many gimmicks? If my daughters teddies are anything to go by this doll will be going everywhere with her so it
    must be hard wearing.

    • @Ki... check on Basic Baby Annabell series. Those ones without batteries its the best money I've ev..

    • Corelle dolls are pretty nice. They are bean bag filled so not too plasticy. My daughter has this on..

    • Basic Baby Annabel, gets my vote too!

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