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  • What is the BEST thing that happened in your life last week?

    Joss @Joss Old Malden updated 10 days ago
    • Removing most of the gripper rod around the room, sad but true.

    • 🤣 If you think the rest of us can top that-you`re gonna be sadly mistaken @Se...!! Mine was getting..

    • Nothing springs to mind, finally had a normal roast beef dinner today after all the seasonal food it..

    • I had an old friend from 30 years ago message me on fb and it was really nice to catch up!

    • Having a couple of the grandkids come and stand on the drive, so we could have a chat.

    • You are lucky @Ma.... Mine are teeenagers these days. I`m lucky if I can get them to say more than `..

    • A long chat on the phone with a neighbour. She's a school teacher and taking lots of precautions bec..

    • Recently went for a long walk in Richmond park with my younger son.Lovely morning.Wished everyone Ha..

    • @Ra... I was going to have a roast beef dinner today but yesterday I forgot to buy potatoes, sweetp..

    • Michael B, hope it's the start of a prosperous new year for you (and healthy and wise, of course).

    • Buds on a clematis I had given up on, and hubbie's blood sugar results on target after 3 months of e..

    • Shoots appearing in bulbs I'd planted in the autumn. Watching birds come to my new bird bath. Must r..

    • @ma... and break the ice in the bath on these cold mornings

    • Glad we are on the "up" even if it is only roughly 90 seconds to two minutes of extra daylight each ..

    • Lots of 'best things' - but all from nature - the birds, the buds, the bulbs, the hoar frost making ..

    • Seeing a small flock of fieldfares in a field covered in frost. Blue tits checking out our nest box ..

    • News that my granddaughter, a Doctor working 12 hour shifts has had her first covid vaccine injectio..

    • Took collection of a collectible Rolex watch finally-

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