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  • Community News: What Is Balayage? Everything You Need To Know About The A-List Hair Technique

    Being stuck inside due to the pandemic going around the world, most of us have considered the option of getting hair colouring done. If you are always on top of the new trends that go around the hairstyling industry, there is no way you have not heard about the technique of hair colouring balayage.

    It is a hair styling technique that has taken over the beauty industry and made many A-list celebrities fall in love with it. Today in this article, we explain to you everything about this technique to get the perfect sun kiss highlights that you crave.

    First, let’s understand the basics of hair colouring balayage.

    Developed during the 1970s, balayage is known as a freehand hair colouring technique developed by French hairstylists. The reason why it suddenly became so popular is simple - You no longer have to sit covered in foils for hours only to get a non-uniform finish on your hair!
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    Professionals can do balayage for brown hair or balayage for brunettes or any other hairstyle that you can think of. Inspired by the french word which means “sweeping”, balayage is done completely by hand which is the major reason why it gives you the perfect sun kiss highlights.

    But don’t worry, we won’t be “sweeping” on your hair!

    What is so different about hair colouring balayage than other techniques?

    You might be wondering what makes balayage more popular than traditional techniques like Ombre or Highlights. Here are some key reasons that set balayage apart from other colouring trends:-

    - We at KAPLANetlier uses natural colouring products like Aveda, which are good for your hair health.

    - Many styling and colouring options are available when you get hair colouring balayage done.

    - You get the most gorgeous sun kiss highlights that last for a long time and are easier to take care of.

    - If you have never tried colouring your hair before, balayage is perfect for you as it is subtle but beautiful at the same time.

    - Balayage can be done on almost any type or colour of hair you have and gives best results nonetheless.

    - They give stunning volume to your hair and are economically efficient to get done and maintain.

    Things you should know before getting balayage:-

    Although most Holland Park Hairdressers offer balayage services, but you should visit an Aveda Salon like us, because in these salons high-quality products are used.

    These simple tips will make getting sun kiss highlights easier with balayage.

    - Try to choose an Avada salon because they will use safe natural products to prevent damaging your hair.

    - Choose a hairstylist that is expert in this technique and talk to them in advance about your expectations – like Kaplan!

    - Don’t hesitate to try out new things and styling options! The more creative you are, the more unique look you will get with balayage.

    - It’s really difficult to do balayage at home, which is why we advise you to visit us.

    - Select the colour of your highlights carefully after looking at all the available options.

    - It is perfectly fine to ask questions before you get it done. Learn more about what your hair is going through rather than regretting later, right?

    On a brighter note, KAPLANatelier, which has been voted as the best hair colour salon in London, is now open & serves seven days a week like before!


    Who wouldn’t want sun kiss highlights without spending a ton of money and time in the salon? Balayage is the game-changer that altered the hair colouring industry and provided ways to get a much natural look with highlights in a safe colouring process.
    We hope that through this short guide, you learnt the basic of hair colouring
    balayage and tips to get it done in the best way possible. As mentioned before, you can now visit KAPLANatelier to get the perfect balayage hair in London!

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