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    Weekend Brunch Treat - Hot Smoked Salmon

    Hot Smoked Salmon Benedict:

    Sharing more Ben's Canteen old recipes. These are chef specs rather than more precise home cooking notes. You are now head chef for the Hot Smoked Salmon Benny.

    Hot Smoked Salmon bit can trip a few people up because we all think of Smoked Salmon as cold. Hot Smoked Salmon is a different technique, basically smoked at a higher temp. The end result is something more akin to poached and wow it’s tasty.

    You can buy Hot Smoked Salmon from the supermarket eg Waitrose. It's even better with a Bloody Mary. If you can only get normal smoked salmon, just do you own twist.

    100g Hot Smoked Salmon
    English Muffin
    2 Poached Eggs
    60g Hollandaise Sauce
    10g Lambs Lettuce
    Toasted Sesame
    Black Pepper
    Once you’ve toasted your English Muffin, this is just a simple assembly job. Load up your sliced Muffin with Hot Smoked Salmon, place a Poached Egg on top of each half, pour over Hollandaise. Garnish with Toasted Sesame and Black Pepper and have a little Lambs Lettuce on the side. Happy Brunching!

    Here's the link. You can also buy Bloody Bens Mix on the website or at many local delis & bottle shops: https://www.bloodybens.com/recipe/hot-s ... s-canteen/


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