• Robert G @RobertG Battersea - 3y

    Weekend Brunch Treat

    American Diner Style Pancakes

    For this recipe, you’ll need the basic pancake recipe - link at the bottom.

    A stack of 3 Pancakes – get the Pancake recipe here.
    2 Rashers of Bacon – the thicker the better. Ideally go to your local butcher and ask for Smoked Streaky Bacon cut thick from the slab.
    1 Runny Fried Egg
    25g Maple Syrup

    First prepare your Pancake Mix, then cook your Bacon followed by the Pancakes, you want a stack of three. Fry an egg and remember, you want that yolk runny.

    Butter each Pancake and then top the stack with your Fried Egg. Place your Bacon by the side and put your Maple Syrup in a pot and then drizzle over as your tummy allows.

    For a perfect Virgin or Bloody Mary use Bloody Bens Mix with IoW pure Tomato Juice. https://shop.bloodybens.com/collections/our-products/products/bloody-mary-mix-with-large-tomato-juice

    Pancake Mix recipe: https://www.bloodybens.com/recipe/bens-canteen-pancake-recipe/


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