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    We own it --- report

    If Labour’s announcements on public ownership yesterday left you confused, you’re not alone.

    Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves and the shadow transport ministers seemed to be saying different things about whether the party supports public ownership of our railway. In the end Keir Starmer stepped in to clarify - it’s ‘pragmatic’ he said, for rail but not for energy and water.

    You may be wondering what to make of all this - Cat has written a piece for the Guardian today explaining:

    Why Labour wants rail in public hands but is terrified of buying back water and energy monopolies
    The two public ownership commitments Labour could easily make, at zero or very low cost, to bring down your energy bills
    How the UK and England in particular has sold off its national assets while allowing investors in other countries to benefit
    Why taking back our energy and water would be a brilliant deal for the public purse
    Public ownership could help us deal with both the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis - giving you cheaper, greener energy and cleaner rivers and seas so you can take a dip on a hot summer’s day without fear of sewage!

    If you agree, please share the article (whether or not you’re in the Labour party).

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