• Wanted - Anything That You Might Be Throwing Out

    Hi All

    I am embarking on miscellaneous up-cycling projects!!!

    I want to see if I can create, either art pieces or re-purpose items that maybe you may think - I like this but its had its day, and not really worth spending the time revamping or updating.

    I particularly am interested in old ornaments/sculptures. Damaged or broken, or just not wanted anymore.
    Paintings, Prints, Ornamental frames
    Kitsch things.
    Things from your childhood!! (plastic zoo/farmyard animals or toy soldiers
    Old door handles or taps/Old casters/finials
    Old plant pots (qwirky if possible)
    cool bits of wood or old wooden things (please no wood worm ridden items)

    See pics for reference, but anything really!!!

    T H A N K S



Neighbourhood loop for Tolworth, Greater London