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    Wandsworth Local Crossing Amies Rd to Sabine Street - help and sign petition

    Hi Everyone ,

    Please help reach 2,000 signitures for a local crossing for kids disable people and locals to cross the road safely.


    The issue is there needs to be a pedestrian crossing between Amies street off Latchmere Rd Battersea, London SW11 2JW to Sabine street it is an important part of the street pedestrians cross which include kids , adults and disabled people.

    The cars right now do not have to stop till further up and that crossing is too far up the road to walk and walk back down - which cars go up and down and do not have to stop for pedestrians meaning you can wait 10 minutes or more with bags of food or kids for the road to be clear to cross it is very dangerous and must be addressed with a pedestrian crossing at this spot for locals to cross safely.
    Please sign this petition
    To support:

    • Locals crossing safely.
    • Kids and disabled people need ease of access crossing the road.
    • Reduce waiting and danger of locals to cross road with traffic unsafely.

    Thank you all for your support signing the petition


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