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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 7 months ago

    I understand the tracing app is probably already on all of our phones.
    If you have an android phone go into settings, scroll to Google settings and open it and you will likely find the sneaky download Coronavirus info that just needs location and Bluetooth turned on to make it active. Similar on iPhone.
    I found it on my phone. Does anyone know if it can be removed?

    • You still need to download the App for it to work. That's not going to happen now until 2021. And yo..

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      7 months ago
    • With respect @Mi... this is the Google app and is in use in many countries. This app is already ..

    • Yes I found it. But it also says you need to download the app from your local health authority for i..

    • OK @Mi... I'm not here to argue the point. I just want it off my phone and need to know how to r..

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      7 months ago
    • don't think you can remove it. just turn it off.

    • cant you remove it in the same way as any other app?

    • It's not the app on your phone, it's an update that allows/prepares for the future use of the app. Y..

    • I'm turning nothing on, not if the government had anything to it's technical use. Probably blow my p..

    • What`s there already is just a message. Nothing is installed on your phones!!

    • Nothing there, I was just making light of it. We'll see. If and when the second wave is coming, I'll..

    • I don't have a smart-phone (too demanding, taking it everywhere I go) - I just have a desk-top compu..

    • @Bo... is that to see if you have it now or does it tell if you have had it ?

    • @Bo... Just to see if I have it now (I don't think I do - no temperature or cough etc.).

    • Well Donald (Duck)Trump has done 25 million and his telling them to stop. What's he like? Answer on ..

    • These are the times that I am pleased NOT to have a smart mobile phone.

    • Apple wouldn’t allow the app as they want us to use theirs. So nothing on my phone or my husbands.

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      7 months ago

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