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    Thought For Every Day - We Are All The Police.

    We pay the official police.

    We know / they know / the villains know - that the police are really stretched.

    When you see crime report it.

    For the doubters...the police really want your information and pix, they can't be everywhere.
    Your reports makes it easier to catch villains, and the more charges can be brought, the longer the sentence.

    999 if it's happening.
    101 if you've witnessed or can supply pix, with date time place.

    Crimestoppers are an independent charity helping to find criminals and help solve crimes.
    0800 555 111 phone number that you can call anonymously to pass on information about crime.

    All this information is collected and used, sucessfully.

    Too many people complain, without lifting a finger.

    Evening All.

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