• Stephen A @StephenA Croydon - 5mo

    Event: The Thrill of Love (play)

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 19.05.2022. Start Time: 20:00

    End Date: 21.05.2022. End Time: 22:30

    Location: Downsview Methodist Church Hall

    Join the Downsview Players in Upper Norwood this May as they step into the world of Ruth Ellis and explore her tragic story. A hostess in the West End ‘gentlemen’s clubs’, Ruth Ellis works hard, plays hard and dreams of a movie-star life. Yet in 1955, the self-styled ‘blonde bombshell’ is convicted of murder and becomes the last woman to be hanged in Great Britain. In Amanda Whittington's play, Ruth’s crime is re-examined in the light of the society she lived in and the experiences that led to her shooting her lover. Through the eyes of film noir Detective Inspector Gale – and the haunting voice of Billie Holiday – The Thrill of Love explores the enigma of Ruth Ellis: a woman whose short but explosive life still resonates. Tickets are on sale now for £8 (doors open a 7:30pm)


Neighbourhood loop for Croydon, Greater London