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  • The scams are coming thick and fast

    Tony L @TonyL Stoneleigh updated 22 days ago

    I've just received a message via ScoopLoop
    Happy new week my dear and with the compliment of the season i wish you all the very best,i like your profile and i will like us to have something in common,contact me direct at my private address at for our mutual communication, thanks.

    Obviously another scam

    • @To... so are the threads about it. In most general groups and tech support. At least we all talked ..

    • I received the same one as Tony earlier.

    • @Al... I think most of us did 😳 but we are learning to block, report and ignore.

    • seems to be an eastern bloc lady on a dating site whom someone has signed up to scooploop from Ameri..

    • Because my name on my email account could be male I get loads of sexy Russian girl adverts and Viagr..

    • To be addressed as "My Dear" reminds me of the character, Fagin in Dickens' novel, 'Oliver' ! I too ..

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