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    The Remains of Croydon Canal

    The canal opened in 1809 and originally connected #Croydon and the Grand Surrey Canal at New Cross. It was 9.25 miles long. However, the canal was never a success and already closed in 1836. The section at Betts Park was used as a boating lake, an area then called Anerley Tea Rooms.

    The only bit of the canal still in existence nowadays is at Betts Park, south-east of Crystal Palace Park.
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    • @Br... I've never knew about the canal until last week, then decided to pass by on my way to Crysta..

    • Fascinating survivor. There is a diagram in the Wikipedia article about the canal, showing where thi..

    • The pumping station is historically significant, and rather interesting. This paragraph is shameless..

    • @Pe... I think the economic optimism in the early eighteen hundreds (when the industrial revolution..

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