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  • Lesley A @Lesley4 Frant updated 3 months ago

    The Murmur of Bees: Discussion

    This was a novel that felt to me as if it needed a good editor. Just a bit too long.

    I don’t really know what I thought - I’m on the fence - I’m not a great fan of magical realism so couldn’t quite get my head around those bees and their affinity with Simonopio. My other concern was ‘time’ - I felt as though it was all wrong. I felt Simonopio grew up too quickly, one minute being suckled at the breast, then he was a youth, but at the same time the daughter’s wedding preparations were still ongoing. Am I alone in thinking the author messed up her timelines a bit, and I’m not referring to the zigzagging backwards and forwards?

    Having been negative so far, I did actually quite enjoy the book. The bits about the Spanish Flu were horribly relevant to today! I enjoyed the Mexican historical setting and quite liked the style of writing.

    I’ll be very interested in what others think. Maybe I’ll be swayed off the fence.
    • @Le... I also found the bits about spanish flu very interesting, and also ( if its true) about the..

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    • - Segovia is NOT a storyteller of the human nature, not one bit. But I'm afraid she thinks she is.....

    • @To... All that made me laugh. I see you REALLY didn't like it! I agree with a lot of what you say.

    • And it has reminded me of a couple of things. I don't normally get on that well with South American ..

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    • Let me just add that I also enjoyed the book for the first 100 pages or so. I could see that each ch..

    • Thanks Clare. I agree it was a bit different though I won't be rushing to read anything else by her...

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