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    The Maidens: discussion

    I came to The Maidens having just read The Inheritors by William Golding. Rest assured I will not be subjecting this book group to that particular torture. It’s about the first meeting of Neanderthals with Homo Sapiens and is a hard, hard slog…picture many pages of description of logs.

    So basically I was desperate for something light and easy. The Maidens completely met my need. I picked it up with enthusiasm each evening, curious about the next twist or turn, never getting down hearted by the death of yet another young woman. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    But I also, sadly, think it was a dreadful book! I’ll not say more for now - over to you!

Book club

This group is for people who like to read a book and discuss it with others. We will choose a book each month from titles suggested by members of the group. We will then return for an on-line discussion at a pre selected date which will be 6 weeks later. Important that we suggest books which are readily available, not too expensive, and not too long.

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