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  • Lesley A @Lesley4 Frant updated 1 year ago

    The Dutch House - discussion

    Seems ages ago that I read this but I really enjoyed this novel - a proper family saga. I found it engaging, well written and the story intrigued me so I kept the pages turning.

    I found the characters pretty easy to relate to and enjoyed the way the relationships between them ebbed and flowed over time. Thought the jealousies were well observed.

    So on the whole I rated the book quite highly. My criticisms are that I found the switches in time not particularly well done. Could be confusing. And I think the story was captured less well after the mother reappeared. It felt as though it drifted a bit then. Perhaps the author was getting bored or under pressure from her publisher to get on with it!

    What about the rest of you? How did you get on?
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