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  • Lesley A @Lesley4 Frant updated 10 months ago

    The Bee Keeper of Aleppo: Discussion

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, though 'enjoyed' isn't perhaps the most appropriate word, given the themes. I thought it was very well written and the flash forwards and backwards didn’t get confusing at all.

    It opened my eyes to the stark realities of the Syrian Conflict, the losses incurred, and the dreadful decisions people face. I liked the focus on the journey, it embodied hope alongside grief.

    I thought the characters were well drawn and think the author has listened carefully to the stories of the people she has worked with. For me, it had a real ring of authenticity.

    I felt quite inspired by this book, thanks for suggesting it. How did others find it?
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    • It was pretty difficult until they caught the flight! Interesting that you've spent time in Aleppo.

    • I'm still on it, got the book only 3 days ago. I will comment on it once finished.

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    • I didn't find anything surprising @To... but I did find it inspiring. It really moved me and not man..

    • @Le... yes definitely inspiring. Simply put, a very solid story. I'm not sure if there are any oth..

    • She did work with refugees at a camp in Greece, so maybe it was her or someone she knew.

    • Has anyone else read the book or anyone have any more comments?

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This group is for people who like to read a book and discuss it with others. We will choose a book each month from titles suggested by members of the group. We will then return for an on-line discussion at a pre selected date which will be 6 weeks later. Important that we suggest books which are readily available, not too expensive, and not too long.

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