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  • Event: Systemic & Family Constellation Essentials Weekend: The Orders of Love

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 25.01.2020. Start Time: 10:00

    End Date: 26.01.2020. End Time: 18:00

    Location: West Hampstead

    Dear Local Constellations Explorers,

    The purpose of this hands-on learning weekend is to enable participants to acquire new tools and gain fresh understandings to enable seeing and experiencing life from a Systemic perspective and to be able to use the power of Constellations as a tool for everyday living. This learning process is done by working through personal challenges and by recognising our 'place' in and in relation to the system(s) we belong to.

    Over years of practicing Systemic and Family Constellations here in the UK and other countries and various cultures, our head tutor Illi Adato has always been amazed by the profoundly positive impact this work is making on people's lives. Embarking on the Systemic Constellations journey provided so many with a life-changing experience, and participation in as little as a single Constellation offers a wealth of insights and tangible outcomes that are rare to come by in other schools of therapy or personal development.

    To read comments from participants in my workshops please click this link: http://www.meetup.com/London-Family-Constellations/about/comments/?op=all

    Systemic & Family Constellations brings clarity and deep understanding of our feelings and actions in critical areas of our lives such as our behaviour patterns, relationships, health and decision making process.

    In this intensive learning weekend workshop you learn and practice Constellations for a deeper exploration of the 'Orders of Love' and other essential principles the work is based upon.

    You will experience the profound layers of the Constellations methodology and be guided in ways to harness the immense depth Systemic Constellations can bring into your life. You will become a part of a small and intimate group of explorers from all walks of life who will be evolving together as a group and as individuals.

    Course Tutor: Illi Adato MA Lon. Inst. GQHP. Crt(HYP). Crt(COACH). C-h-a-n-g-e.co.uk - Systemic, Organisational & Family Constellations ISCA Reg. | Hypnotherapy GHR & IHF Reg. | Tune-In Counselling | Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist |

    Looking forward to another moving experience together,
    Sat & Sun 25-26 Jan in West Hampstead NW6 3QP
    Cost: £185

    Elena Bignotti
    Training & Workshop Coordinator
    London School of Systemic & Family Constellations

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