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    Surpreme Court Ruling Discussion - and what it will mean for Brexit

    The Supreme Court will rule at 10.30am this morning about

    a) If it actually can rule about suspension of parliament
    b) If the suspension of parliament was lawful
    c) if it was unlawful, what follows from this

    And for all of us, what will the ruling mean ( either way ) for Brexit?
    • No pretensions to legal knowledge, but if it is a political matter they might have their opinion, bu..

    • Im listening live and so far this does not look good for the government ... not at all

    • quote from the SC: the court is "bound to conclude that the decision to advise her Majesty to prorog..

    • what is even more stunning, its 11:0

    • Tory conference from Sept29th - Oct 2nd.

      If Westminster starts back earlier, one side of the chamber..

    • "The PM’s advice to Her Majesty was “unlawful, void and of no effect”.

      That means the order in coun..

    • @Jo... they could prorogue the party conference ...

    • Joss, if the Tories dont turn up because they are attending their conference it will be great for us..

    • Seriously, what are the Tories going to do without an annual ritual meeting of the faithful? have yo..

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