• Robert G @RobertG Battersea - 4y

    Summer drinks over the weekend

    In charge of the bar and want to start the evening with something different ? Try a PINK LADY.

    50ml Gin - ideally locally made Bloody Bens Signature Gin
    25ml Lemon Juice
    15ml Simple Syrup (google if need to find a recipe for this)
    5ml Grenadine
    10ml Egg White

    Dry Shake (i.e. shake without ice to mix up the egg) and then shake with ice and strain into a Martini or tumbler glass. Don't worry if you don't have a strainer to hand, just pour! Garnish with a Cherry and Lemon Peel.

    You can buy Bloody Bens Gin at www.bloodybens.com or from many local South London independent shops.


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