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  • Strawberry bed

    Mary @maire Wanstead updated 3 months ago

    I wrote this on an old thread thinking it would be bumped to the top but it didn't so starting a new thread .My Marshmello bare rooted strawberry plants grew well but produced very little fruit. I'd read there wouldn't be much fruit first season, plus I didn't put a net over so I think birds got at what little fruit there was. I now have healthy looking plants and loads of runners both in the raised bed and trailing outside it. Should I try to root all the runners to increase my stock? Is there anything else I should do now to prepare for next year? I'm a strawberry novice!

    • @ma... As you already have runners, cut them off and plant in separate pots and let them take root b..

    • @Ni... thanks, that makes sense and I realise I shouldn't have let them have runners . I'll see what..

    • @ma... My view is it is worth it. It is a lot easier than it sounds. I didn't do it this way as I to..

    • @Ni... thank you . I won't give up yet...will try again next season. Will do some more research betw..

    • @Ni... hope all is well with you. Don't hear from you on other SL groups but I'm sure it's because y..

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Allotment and Edible Gardening

This allotment and edible gardening group is to talk to like minded individuals about their experiences and plans, to exchange ideas, get advice, sharing of seeds, plugs, etc. - essentially, anything to do with allotment or edible gardening. I am also hoping we can meet up, perhaps in turns, at each other's plots. This group is open to anyone anywhere with an allotment or a keen interest in learning about allotment culture and edible gardening. As it is a relatively new group, we will also need to see how it evolves organically - very much my style of gardening, as chemical free and organic as possible :-) So far, so good sign up, you'll be most welcome.

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