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  • Squash?

    Mary @maire Wanstead updated 4 months ago

    Hello everyone. It's been quiet on here , must be that we are all so busy growing veg! Hope everyone is keeping safe and well and in good spirits.
    I was given this plant and it has produced quite prolifically but I don't know what it is. I assume it's in the squash family. As you can see it's a dark yellow, skin slightly rough the size of a large grapefruit only pear shaped . I don't know if it's edible or one of those ornamental types. If it's edible how to cook it? Any ideas?

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Allotment and Edible Gardening

This allotment and edible gardening group is to talk to like minded individuals about their experiences and plans, to exchange ideas, get advice, sharing of seeds, plugs, etc. - essentially, anything to do with allotment or edible gardening. I am also hoping we can meet up, perhaps in turns, at each other's plots. This group is open to anyone anywhere with an allotment or a keen interest in learning about allotment culture and edible gardening. As it is a relatively new group, we will also need to see how it evolves organically - very much my style of gardening, as chemical free and organic as possible :-) So far, so good sign up, you'll be most welcome.

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