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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 2 years ago

    So, what will be the options?

    So the current situation looks like this:
    - BJ will (maybe) bring forward a deal which pretty much looks like what May proposed originally ( separate custom union membership for NI ) , something the ERG and DUP opposed heavily.
    - It's unclear how the DUP and ERG will respond this time
    - up to 20 Labour MPs might vote for that nevertheless
    - Many MPs will try to attach an amendment for a referendum on it, but Corbyn still demands an election first
    - This could mean that BJ gets his deal through parliament ( IF he gets DUP on his side ) with some Labour help, most likely ending with him winning the next GE ( as the man "who got Brexit done, somehow ) and Labour going into some form of party-internal war.
    • I do not think his deal will go through Parliament

    • @Oa... I am not so sure, it seems that both ERG and DUP might vote for it as long as BJ stays ..

    • The main question is how long Corbyn leads the Labour party?Once there is a credible leader of the l..

    • Still see us getting an extension till January

    • @Jo... Corbyn is not going anywhere unless he looses the GE, and if he does so there will be in-fligh..

    • @Te... I think so too but once a deal is voted on in parliament it will be very hard for any opposi..

    • I'm sure that the money men at the EU are frantic to keep us in, so an extension is on the table. Wi..

    • @Jo... is parliament agrees to his "deal" on Saturday the Benn Act is more or less void and BJ is not..

    • I have a feeling that brexit wont happen we will go back to the way we used to be and we all will ge..

    • Looks like the EU's reigning elite politicians have had enough of the troublesome UK?

      Now to see wha..

    • @Jo... I think what the EU tries to message is that if there is a delay then "do something decent wit..

    • Election please.Politicians cannot avoid believing that result.

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