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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 2 years ago

    So if everything points towards an election soon ...

    • Boris could be planning this if you has a lot of resistance in parliament this week.

      Could happen b..

    • But if labour waits until any anti no deal law has passed before agreeing it will be tight

    • Boris problem same a Cameron, ukip and Farage could split the Tory Vote Lettering Corbyn in with a H..

    • SNP will proberly make gains in scotland too, especially now that ruth davidson is gone

    • The coming election will be more interesting than most.

      Politicians will have to make strange allian..

    • Or lord buckethead

    • Wikipedia reports >>>

      "Lord Buckethead has been played by at least three distinct individuals, and d..

    • An early GE could prove costly for any chance of stopping Brexit and the Labour Party so I hope they..

    • @Al... > an early election seems to be the default plan for the Tories, as they think they can win i..

    • It would need 60% of MPs to vote for one so it can be stopped. IMO the far-right could win an Octobe..

    • 66.1% to be exact (two-thirds) ; ) It could easily be stopped but Corbyn might go along with Johnson..

    • Labour only chance is with a hung parliament

    • This is what has emerged from a meeting of opposition this morning:

      " We must be very alert to not ..

    • The SNP [ 35 seats ] are very positive that an election gives them a chance for a power grab in Scot..

    • But Joss, the SNP gaining seats in a GE will not result in a power grab and the only way that can ha..

    • @Al... no i think he means HoC seats for the SNP, the tories hold several scottish seats in the HoC ..

    • The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 provides for general elections to be held on the first Thursday ..

    • In any case Johnson just lost his working majority 10min ago:


    • So Johnson lost 22 MPs yesterday, will be interesting what impact that has on the Tories as a party.

    • @Te...

      "Only chance is with a hung parliament."

      Any trees near you, if rope is supplied....?

      but t..

    • Citizen W, my worry is what impact it will have on the country. If the sacked MPs are replaced by ri..

    • https://twitter.com/lewis_goodall/status/1169270782708670464

    • @Al... I don't think it will be so easy to replace some of them, they need some form of local suppor..

    • Citizen, in Hornchurch, where I lived before boundary changes, we had a very popular Tory MP but we ..

    • @Al... I agree in general terms, this time though some voters might ask "which side are you on" rega..

    • And as a running commentary, seems BJ lost another MP:


    • Looks like none of the oppostion have the guts to go to the polls, when the Tory party are easy prey..

    • The opposition parties will allow a GE on their terms and not Johnsons. Thats not lacking guts but a..

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