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    Self-fulfilling prophecies

    I recently came across this piece of wisdom from a chap called Giovanni Dienstmann and found it incredibly useful. Sharing here in the hope it will resonate with other people too :)

    Words and thoughts have power

    You are not immune to the effects of your thoughts and words, however secret you keep them to yourself. Your thoughts (conscious and unconscious) turn into actions. They also colour everything you see, and make you biased towards confirming them. They form both your perception of life, and your experience of life.

    If you think people don’t like you, you’ll act with distrust with others, lack of sympathy, and contempt. That will cause others to think that you don’t like them, and they’ll act accordingly, disliking you.

    There are a thousand ways this pattern of self-fulfilling prophecy shows up in our life—this was just one simple example.

    When you speak, you take your thinking to a denser level of manifestation. Your thought now exists in the world around you, and will influence you and other people

    Get into the habit of constantly observing what you are thinking and how you are using your words. Then ask yourself:

    Is this what I want to create?

    This single practice/attitude is the foundation of most (if not all) personal growth and spiritual work.

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