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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 3 months ago

    I received this email today from HM Courts & Tribunals Service
    This is a scam. Note: email address, strange amount and phone number unavailable.

    Tried to edit to show email address HM Courts & Tribunals Service
    Doesn't appear to work on here, it is workhub@atexto plus the usual .com

    • I'm sure that, if it were genuine, it would be sent by post and not email, and include the vehicle r..

    • @Ve... I got exactly the same email! Luckily the date on mine is my mums birthday, I know for Fact m..

    • @Ve... Morning Vera. Would you put it on the Scams group, it will soon disappear amongst the chat he..

    • Re scam emails, if you don't see, or know how to see who the sender was, or don't know that it is no..

    • If the discounted amount is £12.24 and the full penalty charge is £24.48, how does it become £48.96?

    • To be paid in British Pounds Sterling (GBP), at the time 'started below'!

    • Scam text messages information, now posted in Scams group.

    • Thank you John @Jo... for sharing.

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