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    Reactions to Covid booster jab

    Heard today of 5 people I know all had bad after affects from their booster jab.
    • @Bo... I had mine and feel just fine

    • I felt mildly nauseous a day or so after I had my Pfizer booster but that was all and it may not hav..

    • I've had mine and know of 2 others - no problems

    • It's always worth bearing in mind that some people really like to exaggerate their ailments and medi..

    • Had mine last Friday and my upper arm aches a bit - that's all. The booster was Pfizer and the two j..

    • My Uncle and Aunt had theirs a few days ago and a few of my neighbours. They are all fine. Just the ..

    • And me too - just a bit of a sore arm for a day or so

    • @Ch... i thought they had to be the same

    • @Bo... No, all booster jabs are Pfizer

    • I had my flu jab at the same time , other arm

    • @Ro... wouldn't do that here, had to be a week apart. Cannot comment on 3rd as haven't had it yet!

    • @Se... they merely asked me if I had any other vaccinations in the last two weeks

    • @Ro... the NHS website says it's ok but flu-jab nurse said can't have booster for 7 days after. Wis..

    • @Se... We were asked if it was in the last few days but it was over a week so that was ok

    • @An... This from web MD

      You can’t receive the Pfizer booster if you received other COVID-19 vaccines..

    • @Bo...


    • @Da... So not just the Pfizer one then.

    • @Bo... apparently it is only

      Pfizer at the moment

    • I've got mine tomorrow.

    • Neither my husband or I had any symptoms after our boosters.

    • @Di... i know what you mean and know people like that but 2 of the people have had cancer and opera..

    • Does anyone know whether the vaxi taxi scheme is still available and running for the booster jabs


    • @Bo... Fair enough!

    • @Di... maybe why , if they have been ill, are particularly frail from ops or similar they may be mo..

    • @Ro... I've often thought - even with dental injections - people have different body weights and ob..

    • @Se... no, I think you are absolutely right 👍

    • I can't understand why youngsters are only having the first jab and not the second and therfore they..

    • @Ve... I thought they were only getting one and then I read they would get a second. Honestly you ca..

    • @Ve... may be its because they dont know anyone getting covid

    • @Te... yeah , most of their grandparents are already dead now!

    • @Ro... I was reading more people in their 30s and 40s are catching it from the school kids

    • @An... I have a double-jabbed friend aged 40 who has got Covid at the moment, as has her nine-year-ol..

    • The virus is rife in the schoolchild section of society. My friend’s daughter, said that up to 40% o..

    • @Ro... I'd be a bit surprised if that wasn't the case.

    • @Ro... cheeky 😟 I'm still here. I think it is all according to area, my grandaughter in Hampshire h..

    • @Ro... Possibly but they didn't have any trouble with the first 2 jabs [ maybe they weren't Pfizer]..

    • @Di... I don't know what the real situation is but My wife and I, both over 80, had all 3 of the ja..

    • @Be... Given that so many people experience side effects, no, I don't think there's necessarily so..

    • @Di... - friend had stroke day after getting Astra vaccine in January - coincidence or one in many ..

    • @Di... just spoke to the friend who had the worse reaction, she said she asked for Moderna [ becaus..

    • @Bo... I wonder if they had told her it was Moderna if she would have had the same reaction. Our min..

    • a lot of our clients have had their booster and all fine. In fact, the clients who had the flu jab c..

    • @Da... that's me, not been right since my (egg free) flu jab and spoken to doctor today, inhaler 4 t..

    • I had the AstraZeneca Vaccine I had pain in my legs and could not walk.

    • @Jo... hope you don’t mind me asking , have you an illness or disability that affects your legs..

    • @Ro... I have dislocated hip and my right let is shorter than my left leg. after I had the Astra Ze..

    • @Jo... did you speak to anyone medical about it to see if they could explain why that happened?..

    • I am having my booster AstraZenica next week. No reactions from the first two, why should I get any ..

    • @Ve... does it depend on the age of the child and if they are in contact with any vulnerable people?..

    • @Ry... Why the AstraZenica ?

    • @li... I don't think so as they are both 17 (born 5 days apart) both my daughters (their mums) work..

    • @Ro... No did not speak to anyone.. When I had the Astrra Zeneca booster I was fine, nothing happen..

    • @Jo... do you mean the second jab or the actual booster ? I thought that no one was getting the..

    • @Ry... did you have that last time! Is there a specific reason you are getting different to everyone..

    • @Ro... I did talk to my GP she told my have the second Astra Zeneca booster. I do not know which va..

    • @Jo... see my link above. It says everyone is having moderna or Pfizer

    • @Bo... surely depends on the surgery/vaccination centre as to which one you have. Personally can't s..

    • @Da... perhaps there will have to be exceptions 😊

    • There were proposals to give different vaccines for the first and second dose to give better immunit..

    • @Ro... the updated advice is on the nhs website which clarifies exactly that


    • I had the Pfizer booster today. Was told to wait for 30 minutes because I'm allergic to penicillin. ..

    • @Ja... sorry, why would you need a fresh mask?

    • @Ch... Thank you

      for that link I had not realised mine was from a month ago

    • On entering the hospital vaccination ward you had to show your booking reference, gel your hands and..

    • @Da... again states it's ok to have both flu/Civic jabs together, maybe it's time someone informed B..

    • @Ja... some chemists are now booster sites, which seems amazing. Know of people who have been to on..

    • @Ja... Are they giving out the little cards again telling you what one you had.

    • Can you have booster if on antibiotics? I forgot to ask the doctor.

    • @Ma... They gave me another little card with a yellow sticker on it. But my husband had his booster ..

    • @Se... I shouldn't think they could do too many at a time because they wouldn't have the room.

    • @Bo...

      I thought I would get an AstraZenica booster, but the chemist who will give me the booster s..

    • @Ry... I don’t think you should worry. Any side effects are usually short lived . Better safe than s..

    • @Ve... I think you should phone the GP to ask.

      I felt unwell after my second AZ - and the flu jab ..

    • @Ha... Also on regular prescription anti histamine, but luckily no reaction to vaccinations.

    • @Ja... at Crystal Palace centre they handed out the disposable NHS masks as standard procedure.

    • My mum had the flu jab and the Pfizer booster at the same time, then when she had her INR blood test..

    • @Se... at our hospital you have to take a fresh mask even if you arrive in one

    • Could this be because many feel it is wasteful only to use a mask once. You never know how many time..

    • @Ve... it's for germs. As you said, a lot of people reuse them and the hospital only want fresh mask..

    • @Da... I agree, it is far better to be safe than sorry. I also feel everyone should take a LFT befor..

    • @Ve... we all take lft tests before seeing him. It is good to see him but unfortunately during the t..

    • @Ve... the home my Mother is in does expect all visitors to have a LFT but I have noticed that some ..

    • @Da... it’s the same with Mum. Heartbreaking 💔

    • @Or... surprising they did both then really, would you say. Fortunately she had the blood test late..

    • @Ch... really is on of the worst things about this situation.people like us can never get that ..

    • @Se... there does seem to be a rush in some areas to give both without any thought of medical condi..

    • Just to let you know, I've had to cancel my booster and told to leave it at least a week after finis..

    • @Ve... Better safe than sorry.

    • @Ve... I really do think you should have been informed at the time.

    • @Ro... I just didn't like the idea of having both together - so I've left a three week gap.

    • @Ha... don’t blame you and I think it should depend on when you usually have your flu jab.

    • @Ro...

      My niece had gone with her to have the booster and they had offered to give her flu jab at ..

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