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    Event: Post Natal Strength and Pilates - 11 weeks

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 09.01.2018. Start Time: 10:15

    Location: YMCA, Hawker Centre

    These sessions are great for new mums wanting to restore their core, pelvic floor and feel better able to deal with demands of motherhood and babies come too. Although, its just fine if you would prefer to come alone if you have someone to look after the baby. 

    The sessions run for 11 weeks with a break during half term. A single taster session is available. To secure a space for the remainder of the term block booking is necessary.

    Feel free to contact Marina at marina@mkbhealthandfitness.co.uk for more details.

    The sessions are a combination of conditioning working to work the larger muscle groups  - thighs, glutes, upper back (which some mums find quite challenging at first).  These can include balance work with bands and balls - we then move in more recognisable Pilates exercises suitable for new mums. No forward flexion (e.g crunching) or leg pull prone (planks) or rotation for mums with abdominal separation.

    There is time at the end of the class to have a chat, share tips and ideas as well as have one of my now famous fresh herbal teas and a healthy snack. I like my clients to leave the sessions energised and ready to face the rest of the day.

    I will bring all the equipment.  

    Just bring a blanket for baby to lie on and something to keep them amused.  If the baby cries please do not worry.  It happens to everyone. Don't give up too soon. They just need to get used to  new smells, sounds and people.
    • Two ladies have already booked so please do contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in ..

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