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    Event: Photo London (photography festival)

    This event has already taken place.

    Start Date: 09.09.2021. Start Time: 10:00

    Location: Somerset House

    Great event for those who are interested in photography - Photo London features the world's most iconic photographers, leading photography galleries and publishers, alongside the most exciting emerging galleries and talents exhibiting in the 'Discovery' section.

    All details and tickets are available on the website: https://photolondon.org/
    • A bargain at £29.00!

    • @Ja... Why the question mark?

    • @Te... I was just wondering if your comment was ironic, as the other person reacted with a laugh.

    • It’s still on . Bit pricey though.

    • @Ja... I wouldn't travel to London and pay £29 to see it. I generally visit free exhibitions.

    • I think it's about the same price as the London Art Fair at the Building Design Centre in Islington ..

    • I have been to the Affordable Art Fair a couple of times with a free ticket.

    • I find the London Art Fair much better than AAF, simply because the value of the paintings is much ..

    • @Di... I have had a look at the paintings on http://sheilafell.com/gallery/ Not for me.

      I'm not im..

    • @Te... Each to his or her own - if someone were to give me about £60,000 to spend on a single paint..

    • @Di... Yes, if we all liked the same things there wouldn't be much variety.

    • @Te... Someone just bought a painting of mine which I had probably spent only about three hours of ..

    • @Di... Well done on the sale. It takes skill to produce work that looks effortless.

      Someone once a..

    • @Te... Thank you, Terry. I don't manage to sell a painting often, but when I do it's lovely and gen..

    • @Di... Thanks. I can't justify buying anything at the moment.

    • @Te... If I can't justify it I seem to just barge ahead anyway, sadly for my bank account. An email..

    • @Di... I can't justify buying anything else because I haven't used what I have for a while.

    • @Te... Ah, I see. Well, I hope you get back into it – making art seems to do a lot for many people...

    • @Di... I attended a one day Introduction to Airbrushing course a few weeks ago, which taught me how..

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