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  • Community News: Pegasus 1 & 2 Chinooks

    Nato @NuclearDevice Collier Row updated 22 days ago

    I apologise now for my language!!!, blooming dog barks at everything. But a short time ago these 2 flew over my house in Collier Row.

    • 25 days ago

      RAF had to escort a plane to Stansted airport after a note was found in the toilet saying there was ..

    • 25 days ago

      @Ti... this was several hours after that incident on the Ryanair flight. and I was watching that fli..

    • 25 days ago

      Nato Is you dog really a lesbian. 🤣🤣

    • 25 days ago

      @Ma... 😂

    • 25 days ago

      No way to talk to a dog!

    • 23 days ago

      Ah, poor dog was telling Nato what was going on outside (come and look Nato!) and that's all the tha..

    • 22 days ago

      @Nu... Just had one chinnock fly over my house, wonder what's going on?