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  • Community News: Panic Buying

    Tina @TinaS Hornchurch updated 1 month ago

    It's been reported by some supermarkets that people are panic buying items like toilet roll and tinned goods again as they did back in March in anticipation of another lockdown, I hope the supermarkets step in now and limit the amount each customer can purchase before these morons empty the shelves again, they must have really short memories as we were still allowed out to go food shopping last time. It makes me so mad.

    • What absolute idiots, it makes me angry as well. I remember the NHS worker that was in tears because..

    • Went to Hornchurch Sainsbury's this morning the toilet roll shelf was nearly empty, unbelievable.

    • I was in Asda Romford yesterday and there were only about 5 packs of the 24 Toilet Rolls and some of..

    • Just been reading about massive lorry queues in Kent from new years day 2021 once the EU transmissio..

    • I blame the media, they cause panic buying, by saying the shelves are empty. I went to Tesco on Tues..

    • I was shopping in Asda today and there were a few packs of 4 Toilet Rolls but the rest of the shelve..

    • I had a delivery today, no toilet paper. I didn't want a substitute, as I didn't want Tesco paper th..

    • In Sainsbury's Romford yesterday the 3 shelves of the whole (very long) aisle for loo roll was virtu..

    • I have a Costco card, so whenever I do go I always get a pack of 5x9 Cushelle rolls and Kitchen roll..

    • @An... . yes also get toilet rolls from Costco. At the moment cant get there. so thought get some f..

    • This is all madness, just wait to till XMAS and The end of the Brexit Transition deal, THEN YOU WILL..

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