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    Our Heroes Gin

    A local Our Heros Pink Gin has been made to raise funds for Sister Anthea and her team at St. George's Hospital Tooting ICU and Critical NHS, as well as other frontline workers.

    It's being led by parents on Ellerton & Tilehurst Road, Earlsfield, SW18 and organised through local firm Empire Builders. www.empire-build.co.uk/

    A bottle of Our Heros Gin costs £35.
    All profits go to the causes listed below.
    If you would like to buy a bottle please mail: ourheroes@empire-build.co.uk

    We will then explain how to pay & arrange local SW London delivery to you.
    If you live outside of SW London we can arrange postage. This will cost £5-6.

    What Charities will benefit from this:

    St Georges NHS Critical Care Unit
    Critical NHS
    Trinity Hospice
    Earlsfield Food Bank
    Age UK
    Little Village

    This grass roots community initiative was set up by local firm Empire Builders. The key is to provide an immediate response to NHS & other frontline staff needs & local charities suffering a funding collapse in this environment.

    The initiative will help provide both financial & other support (equipment, sanitizer & food). We will be directed by those in the NHS & charities on the ground, where this small fund can react quickly & have the greatest impact.

    If you are a Gin drinker, would like to buy a bottle as a present for someone or just wish to support this cause please mail: ourheros@empire-build.co.uk NOTE. You must be over 18 to buy the product.


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