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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 2 years ago

    Opposition Parties agree not to trigger election before EU summit


    The really good news here IMHO is that there are finally proper cross-party talks.
    • I do agree with cross party talks but you do need a higher calibre of leaders, if Corbyn was replace..

    • yes but well right now we have to live with who's around ... it's a good sign though that Corbyn see..

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      2 years ago
    • However he would need to run for party leadership first, as that is how it works in the UK ( in othe..

    • Labour can’t win an election with Corbyn as leader not sure even in an hung parliament

    • https://twitter.com/MattGarrahan/status/1169720609095462913

      The question is would BJ win ( i.e. los..

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      2 years ago
    • Very concerned at the way the Parties are going at the moment. Corbyn needs to go before he destroys..

    • No no no David NOT Ed

    • If Corbyn goes the smart money is on Keir Starmer or Andy Burnham being offered a safe seat and stan..

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