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  • Citizen W @CitizenW Brixton updated 1 year ago

    Opportunistic Brexit-Themed Marketing

    I though I share a marketing email I received the other day (see image).

    The email had the subject "Let's celebrate our Britishness with wine" Hilariously according to the email, it's all about "England" though, not Britain.
    • @Ci... In far-right Romford I believe quite a few pubs will be having Brexit parties on the Frida..

    • @Al... I wonder if they will drink British wine though ...

    • I think they are treading on dangerous ground, and not for the reasons you might expect.

      'British ..

    • @Pe... I used to drink Scottish Wine (made from elderberries) in the years ago, I really liked that..

    • Stolen from another group. How about a twenty-one gun salute, with everyone shooting themselves in t..

    • And seems like this is their target customer:


    • I think Citizen could have warned me before I clicked onto his link that the vile creature he mentio..

    • @Al... sincere apologies, I did not realise that ...

    • Going off-topic, several of my friends are spending Friday in France or Ireland to escape all the no..

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