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    One Moonlit Night: Discussion.

    Having reminded people that we are discussing book on 1st July I forgot the date so apologies - a senior moment!

    Anyway, I do hope people liked this book. I think it might be a marmite book. I really enjoyed it and once I’d got into the style, I looked forward to reading it.

    I was reminded of my Welsh Mum and Gran referring to people as Jones the Butcher etc. My mum always used to talk about walking over The Bwlch, so when the narrator (did we know his name) goes over the Bwlch with his mum and gets left there, it felt very familiar. I thought Prichard managed to capture the perspective of the child but in such a way that the adult world was always well in the picture. And, boy, was that world grim.

    I thought some of the scenes were immensely touching, for example the visit to the young friend dying of TB, and the admission of the mum to psychiatric care.

    The ending left me puzzled. I presume he plummeted into madness and perhaps took his own life but it was a bit confusing, reflecting his state of mind I presume.

    A sad ending to an usual book. It was described on the cover of mine as ‘lyrical and visceral’. I think that’s a good description.

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