• Elena @Elena3 Battersea - 4y

    Olive oil tasting for families , youngsters & kids online

    Hello all
    Hope you've had a good Easter!

    Purchase a bottle of extra virgin olive oil & book a session to learn online the art of tasting olive oil
    Have fun with your kids while you sip olive oil and learn together how to differentiate among them: the ones you purchase and the ones you have at home.
    Do you think all oils taste the same ? Browse, purchase, get it delivered and learn the technique with me via Zoom, Google Handsout or Whastapp in a safe environment with the kids at home.
    It’s quite a technique and even a profession, it’s safe for the kids and can help them prevent many illnesses in the future when learning to differentiate quality in a food product.
    30’ session
    Middday or evenings after 530pm, weekends morning/afternoon sessions
    Content: what’s olive oil, classifications, how to read the labels in an olive oil bottle, tasting technique, the wheel of flavours in olive oil, styles of olive oil.
    After purchasing and delivering I’ll email you and agree about the time.

    Available in English and Spanish


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