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    Nuclear catastrophe

    We could be close to a terrifying nuclear catastrophe.

    Russian invaders shelled a massive power plant housing six nuclear reactors in Ukraine – and the fighting’s getting more intense.

    Rockets are exploding around the reactor compound, and one mistake could lead to nuclear disaster – with mass sickness, death, displacement and environmental devastation.

    But here’s the really crazy thing. Bombing a nuclear plant isn’t explicitly banned under international law! But right now, we have a chance to win a crucial decision that would move us a step closer to a new global law to stop military attacks on all nuclear reactors worldwide.

    Top nuclear negotiators are deciding this week, and insiders say a massive citizens’ demand for action could help push it over the line. Add your name now, and when this is huge, our call will be delivered straight to the negotiation table in New York:
    Join the global call now!
    Experts say a decision like this will pile on pressure for a stop to fighting between Russia and Ukraine at the nuclear site, and help stop attacks on other nuclear sites around the world.

    UN nuclear negotiators are meeting right now to discuss the crisis, and could take this crucial step, while demanding that Russian troops pull back from the plant in Ukraine, and ensuring that independent experts can assess the damage.

    But to do so, they’ll need to be bold. And massive public support can help. So join this call for sanity now, and we’ll hand-deliver it to the heart of the UN nuclear talks, before it’s too late.
    Join the global call now!
    Avaaz has stood against nuclear insanity time and time again. More than a million of us joined with the Dalai Lama, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, and others to oppose nuclear war. With rockets and shells pounding the nuclear compound, the threat of disaster is higher than it’s been for decades. Let’s do all we can to stop it, while we still can.

    With hope and determination,

    Nate, Nax, Luis, Aloys, Bieta, Laura and the whole Avaaz team
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