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    Non - Binary

    Last night on casualty there was a new ambulance paramedic who was non-binary, not wanting to misunderstand all this modern terminology I Googled it.

    I still don't really get it though - they are not necessarily homosexual/ bisexual/transgender/trans-sexual etc. [ but can be any of these] and can be completely male or female physically.
    They just don't want to be classed as male or female.
    Anyone got a simpler way of explaining it to me ?
    • @Bo... indecisive 🤷‍♀️

      (Just kidding)

    • @Bo... No, I'm as mystified as you

    • Given up working it out, seems to be the IN thing at moment.

      Isn't that woman who played Princess D..

    • Apparently you mustn't call them he/she or her/him they want to be referred to as 'they or them' but..

    • My son's firm has just introduced toilets for non-binary people and badges for how people want to be..

    • @An... What's the difference in those toilets to unisex ones, [ie. mixed] that was a new thing many y..

    • @Bo... God knows, and he's not telling!

    • There are only 10 types of people; those that understand binary, and those that don't.

    • @Jo... I don't, but I do understand Roman numerals.

    • @Jo... Very funny.

    • That Sam Smith singer is a "They" now as I recall.

    • @An... The badges are rather a crude solution but should help to avoid accidental incivility. I wonde..

    • @An... The badges are a good idea. Not sure about the loos. As a female person I simply don`t want an..

    • I'm a bit irritated by 'them' and 'they' as it's ungrammatical and can be briefly assumed to mean pl..

    • @Sa...08 Using `they` just sounds like there`s 2 of them or they are scizophrenic.

    • @Di... i think in this country 'they' would say that is feminine.

    • @Di... oh dear that sounds rather unnecessary, what was wrong with he being he and she being she. A..

    • @Da... Well, not in Sweden it doesn't as their word for a chicken is höna. There's nothing wrong wit..

    • @Bo... Hen has a feminine association in this country, yes, but I wasn't suggesting we should start ..

    • @Di... yes it is a better way, what would be a good term for English then ?

    • Nobody, no matter who they are, will ever change my view, that a person born with a cervix is a fema..

    • @Bo... I think I'd leave it up to those concerned to choose, but the Swedish idea of a minor alterat..

    • I have no problems with how people view themselves or what they wish to be called (whatever they wer..

    • @Sy... Yep I'm with you on this.

    • @Sy... But some people are born hermaphrodite, with both male and female sexual organs, and there isn..

    • Things are a lot more confusing than calling single people "them". watch this video.


    • I hate the use of the word Gay as so many are far from happy, light-hearted or carefree.

    • @Mi... that is a brilliant example of straight talk. She is right it’s nonsense

    • @Sy... spot on

    • "Why can’t we just refer to each other by name or by the only real biological genders that exist". D..

    • @Kr... why should everyone and everything be altered for a minority who change the rules, w..

    • Recently watched "Grantchester" where one of the vicars has been imprisoned for

      basically being gay..

    • @Jo...

      Actually 11 types of people - those who understand binary, those who don't and those who th..

    • @Sa...08 yes and that is good but this is very different, expecting everyone to change their vocabu..

    • @Ro... Yes-she does. But minorities usually initiate changes and we all get used to them and someti..

    • @Sy...

      But what about people who don't have a cervix when they are born? Or male sexual organs? It h..

    • @Li... but s[he] is still not a they/them which I think is ridiculous.

    • @Li... true hermaphroditism is rare and most are found in Africa as Wiki explains

      I wonder why it ..

    • @An... What's wrong with just using names? It's a lot easier.

    • @Sa...08 Not quite. He was seen in bed with another man (whom he refused to identify), which was en..

    • @Ro... I find your comment 'People have to fit in' surprising, and not in a good way. This isn't No..

    • @Da... Are we? I just thought it was people wanting to be accepted for what they feel they are. In e..

    • On Jeremy Vine show now discussing all this non binary.

      Air Malta just says "hello passengers"..any..

    • Why does anyone need to be in a define category?

      My step brother and his partner would be insulted i..

    • @Sa...08 i remember on one coach trip the driver said ' my name is John, please don't call me drive..

    • @Bo... there we go then, can't please everyone. Easy if he gives out his name but are the passengers..

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