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    Sheila A @Ange Bromley updated 15 days ago
    • My husband had his ready, but wasn't asked for it; wasn't asked for code number he had been given, e..

    • Thanks for advise.

    • My NHS number was AYPD 385, but on more recent correspondence, I seem to have been given a ten-digit..

    • Yes i remember my old medical card number easily but the newer 10 digit one has to be written down

    • It's a 10 digit one now ...

    • It can also be found at the top of any NHS paper prescription.

    • Mine`s always been the same since I was born in 1951!! and it`s 10 digit. And yes that`s the one at ..

    • Thanks for that - have spent 20 minutes looking for my last eye prescription - which I can't find al..

    • I was born 1951 and my number used to be MME18 now it is 10 digits, changed over 20 years ago

    • My Father had his vaccination , wasn’t asked anything, not even to show the letter he had been sent...

    • I was born in 1951 and my no was MATL-391. Given a new no 2/03/12. Hunted this all out this morning.

    • Surely if your registered with a doctor, it should be on your medical records

    • If you get a letter,delivered by Royal Mail that is in an envelope marked PARAGON this is an NHS off..

    • Thank you - it's a pity with all the scams around that the envelope isn't more clearly identifiable ..

    • OK-perhaps I just wasn`t aware of my original NHS number until after it changed. I maybe getting it ..

    • Phone your GP, they will have it.

    • @Mi... - and hang on for 30 minutes, as I did last week?!

    • It will be on your NHS card.

    • @li... if any of us can find ours 😃 I keep my number in my head!

    • @Ro... - didn't like to mention that, only remember mine as being brown and here somewhere. Obvious..

    • @An... well, that's Facebook for you (sorry - but it's full of c**p). Your GP will send you an invita..

    • @Ha... yes and the letter my friend got had his National health number printed on it 😂

    • For those who believed that (from one who, by habit, questions everything) I'll post the warning fro..

    • My friend didn't get a letter or text - just a phone call ' come tomorrow'

    • @Bo... Some people have been called in, on the day, when spare doses are available. (Please read my ..

    • @Ha... I can’t imagine a scenario where anyone pretends to be someone else to get the vaccine. How wou..

    • @Ro... People are weird, though. I have a friend who was very put out when she discovered that she ..

    • @Ha... 😳

    • @Ha... I read that Italy is allowing this.

    • @Ja... That's terrible!

    • @Bo... and @Ha... - my husband's invitation came by text - to phone for an appointment or apply on lin..

    • Had a text from our GP practice today to say vaccinations are underway and we should wait to be cont..

    • Do they do block texting otherwise would take forever to do individually. Hope I'm not texted as rar..

    • @Se... think you had better check every day from now on, just in case

    • @Se... My 3 sons also got one at the same time, so yes it's done in a block

    • @An... but surely the appointments aren’t sent on block. Everyone gets a different time , don’t they?..

    • I would think the timing will happen when you're contacted?

    • Sounds like the same muddle we`re all accustomed to!

    • @Ro... I would think so and maybe different GPs will do it differently anyway. I think this message..

    • @An... Yes I know GP surgeries are saying “please do not contact us about the vaccine at the present ..

    • I'm sure that NHS text system is either done like a mailmerge or automated via the patient database ..

    • Some surgeries use email! I order a repeat prescription by email and they confirm it by email.

    • Heard that the pharmacy my sister uses can't collect/deliver prescriptions because they haven't got ..

    • I have to order my repeat prescription by an app now which refused to accept the chemist I wanted ev..

    • My chemist does not deliver and nor does my friends one even though she is disabled.

    • @Bo... it’s silly, the app offered me a delivery when I didn’t want one. I am capable of picking it ..

    • I just use Pharmacy2U - and have done for years. I didn't have the patience to wait in Boots for a p..

    • @Ha... just deleted one from Sandie asking about them but didn't take note of which group she was in -..

    • the text messages will most likely be a block text on their EMIS system . If I remember correctly, m..

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