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    Next Book Possibility

    I think I’ll choose the next book if that’s okay with folks. I’m thinking of Olive Again by Elizabeth Strout. It’s a follow up to Olive Kitteridge which was very popular. I can’t remember whether we read that in this group or whether it was in my other book group.

    Has anyone already read Olive Again?

    And can we have ideas for the book after next please?

Book club

This group is for people who like to read a book and discuss it with others. We will choose a book each month from titles suggested by members of the group. We will then return for an on-line discussion at a pre selected date which will be 6 weeks later. Important that we suggest books which are readily available, not too expensive, and not too long.

** Please note that this is a book discussion group. Business posts will not be accepted and members posting these will be removed from the group. SO PLEASE NO ADVERTISING.